In just a week, our world has completely changed.  The spread of the COVID-19 virus has created a time of uncertainty and if we’re being honest, a lot of fear. Stores and restaurants have closed, children are out of school indefinitely, and many are losing their jobs. I personally feel a lot of stress not knowing what next week or even next month will look like.

One thing I do know is that right now, your home is more important than ever. I’m not talking about the pieces that make it pretty, but instead on its importance as a safe, calming place for your family. Your home is a sanctuary and a gift.

We are going to find beauty in this stressful time. Over the coming weeks, our blog will share ideas to infuse happiness into your home. From our favorite Spotify playlist to some easy, inexpensive ways to freshen up a space, we’re looking for the silver lining – the blessing of our home and the time given to us to Be Still with the people we love most.

In the meantime, our team is working remotely and virtually. We’re here for anything you need and feel confident we will all come out of this time stronger and re-focused.