Your home should be a reflection of your family – so we do believe in displaying photos of the people you love. Here are a few tips to put those pictures in the mix:

DO keep the photos grouped together in similar frame styles. I often encourage clients to choose a console in their home to group together lots of pictures. Then mix in decorative touches – like antique porcelain, a piece of Murano glass, or an orchid.

DON’T randomly place frames throughout the house. And be careful on style – simple frames are better and don’t distract from the photograph.

DO mix sizes of frames. And display in odd numbers – three or five per surface.

DON’T fall victim to the trend of a “Gallery Wall” from a single photo shoot. Pick one or two favorite images and just order those – and mix throughout the house.

Some of our favorite frames are made by Tizo Designs. We especially love the simple acrylic and enamel styles.